The safety and security of every traveller is extremely important to us and corporations of all sizes are taking a more focussed approach to travel policy and CSR. However, in a GTMC (Guild of Travel Management Companies) member survey published in 2015, 36% of respondents said they do not systematically track their business travellers and another 36% follow only certain staff.  Of those organisations that do track, over a quarter rate their record keeping as poor or extremely poor.

This is something we here at Giles Travel are striving to improve.

Back to that survey; a third of those who track travel don’t use software to do so. Nearly half do not know or are not absolutely sure where their business travellers are at any given time. And for over a quarter of organisations, duty of care to business travellers is either not on the agenda or low on their priorities. Yet with 14% of the members’ organisations having experienced a safety incident in the previous 12 months, there is a high level of support for better tracking systems.

We believe an organisation’s commitment to its employees must be clearly demonstrated and understood. And we’re here to help! Take a look at our Traveller Tracking white paper which examines available technologies and the best practices available to organisations for ensuring a robust duty of care programme. Visit our White Papers page to download the report.

Or talk to your Giles Travel Client Relationship Manager for more information on the tools we use to keep traveller safe – we’re always exploring new practices and software, so stay tuned for further CSR developments from Giles Travel coming in the next few months!



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