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TripCase is a fantastic mobile application that will change the way you travel. Below you’ll find some handy how to guides including how to get started with the app, getting the most from its features, sharing your trips and more.

You’ll also see details below of how to register for the Trippay mobile application for keeping track of all your hotel booking details.



With Giles Travel, you know you’re getting the best possible fares delivered with an emphasis on the personal touch. But did you know you also get great online itineraries that sync seamlessly with your smartphone? And did you know… it’s FREE!

Available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, TripCase is an indispensable application, which can manage your entire travel itinerary.

Once we’ve built your trip and sent you confirmation, just a couple of clicks from our confirmation email will upload the entire itinerary to your phone, which is only the start of this indispensable interactive travel tool!

To download the app, visit the TripCase website and use it on your next trip from Giles Travel. Alternatively, contact your Account Manager for a demo.

TripCase will:

  • alert you of all flight, hotel and car information, including cancellations, alterations and gate numbers
  • share your trip with colleagues, family and friends, with automatic email alerts to let them know you’ve landed safely
  • notify selected contacts of your flight arrivals
  • add map locations and events to your itinerary
  • sync with your social media accounts
  • give you access to seat plans and weather forecasts

As part of the Sabre GDS, TripCase is the online itinerary platform that syncs seamlessly with all Giles Travel bookings. So now is a great time to get the app and install it on your mobile device.


Getting Started with TripCase

– Tutorials and How To Guides –

Getting Started

TripCase App Features

Sharing Your Trips

Following Traveller Trips

New to TripCase?

Click on the button for a quick overview of the main features and functions of TripCase.


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