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Typhoon Hagibis (formerly Tropical Storm Hagibis) – Update

We continue to monitor Typhoon Hagibis in the North West Pacific basin.

Typhoon Hagibis is a category four storm and is located at coordinates 17.7 N 142.6 E which is approximately 380km northwest of Guam with sustained winds of 250km/h and gusts of nearly 305km/h.

Typhoon Hagibis is expected to slowly weaken through Friday as it moves over the open waters of the West Pacific to the south of Japan. Despite some weakening, Hagibis will remain a powerful typhoon as it approaches Japan and will be capable of producing life-threatening impacts.

Typhoon Hagibis may still be producing winds equal to a Category 3 major hurricane when it reaches Japan’s eastern coastline on Saturday. Current forecasts take Hagibis to the east of the Ryukyu Islands, with impacts limited to rough seas and surf. Mainland Japan is at risk of a direct impact from Hagibis.

Along with the damaging winds and torrential rain, large waves and storm surges are likely to cause life-threatening floods and possibly mudslides leading to widespread disruption.

Tokyo may have some of the most significant impacts from the storm with rain possibly beginning on Friday night before the worst of the wind and rain occurs Saturday afternoon into Saturday night.

ANA Website Statement

Information about Typhoon Hagibis

Violent Typhoon Hagibis is expected to approach Japan with an extremely violent winds and heavy rain.

Depending on the course of Typhoon Hagbis, flights to/from the following airports may be affected during October 11 to13.  

October 11 to 12

Osaka Kansai

October 12 to 13

  • Tokyo Narita, Toyko Haneda, Nagoya Chubu
    ANA support your travels by providing information in a timely manner from reservation to arrival, please check here.

    Please be advised to follow updated traffic condition and public transportation operation news.

    This situation is subject to change depending on the route of the typhoon.

    For the latest typhoon information, please visit Japan Meteorological Agency Web site.

    The next information will be updated at 18:00 on October 9.

    Operation Information

    Flights to/from the following airports may be delayed, canceled, diverted or return to their departure airports, except for airports listed above.

    October 9

    No applicable airports

    *Please check the Flight Status for your flight before you travel.

Advice for Travellers

Travellers in the region are advised to monitor news reports and follow any advice or instructions issued by the local authorities and their accommodation providers.

Gatwick Airport Planned Road Closures

Via the ABTA Destination Services team, we have been made aware of planned road closures around Gatwick Airport this week.

The M23 southbound will be closed between Junction 8 at the M25 and Junction 9 Gatwick for five nights, starting tonight, Monday October 7.

Customers due to travel to Gatwick Airport are advised to allow extra time for their journey and check traffic conditions before setting out.

Gatwick Airport have a statement on the website with full details regarding this situation which is pasted below for your information or can be accessed via this link:

Gatwick Airport Statement

Monday 7 to Friday 11 October – Full southbound closure for five nights Junction 8 to Junction 10
The M23 will be closed southbound between Junction 8 (M25) and Junction 9 (Gatwick) for five nights (Monday to Friday). The northbound carriageway will be open, though lane closures may cause some minor delays.

Traffic will be diverted via M25 Junction 6, A22 and A264 to re-join M23 at Junction 10 (Crawley). Traffic for Gatwick will then follow the local diversion route via A2011, A23 and Airport Way.
On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, traffic leaving Gatwick will be able to access M23 southbound at Junction 9.

Tuesday 8 October – Closure of eastbound spur road
The eastbound spur road (between South Terminal Roundabout and Junction 9) will be closed for around four hours on Wednesday morning. Traffic management will start at 23:00 and the road will close at 00:00. The road will reopen by 04:00.

Traffic for the M23 will be diverted via Airport Way, A23 and A2011 to join the motorway at Junction 10.

The westbound spur is unaffected and will remain open to traffic.

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 October – Closure of Junction 10 southbound exit slip road
Lane 1 and 2 of M23 southbound will be closed between Junction 9 and Junction 10, leading to a full closure of the Junction 10 (Crawley) southbound exit slip road.

Traffic wishing to exit the M23 at Junction 10 will be diverted to Junction 10a and return via the northbound carriageway

M23 Smart Motorway project
Highways England are upgrading the M23 between Junction 8 (M25) and Junction 10 (Crawley) to an all lane running (ALR) smart motorway. Construction starts in June 2018 and will run to spring 2020.
When it’s finished, the M23 will have four running lanes in each direction with a variable speed limit controlled by dynamic signage. The westbound spur road (towards Gatwick) will also be upgraded to three running lanes.

How will this impact journey times?
Journey times will be longer than normal. Although the usual three lanes will be maintained throughout the two-year project, a reduced speed limit of 50mph will be in place due to narrow lanes.

Why is the M23 being upgraded?
The M23 is a very busy road used by traffic travelling to and from the airport and between Brighton and London, particularly during holiday periods. As a result, safety, congestion and journey times need to be improved, which can be facilitated by a smart motorway.

Read more about the project on the Highways England website. All works associated with this project will be posted on this page.

Hong Kong Airport – latest updates for travellers

From ABTA Destinations Team:

Hong Kong International Airport will implement flight rescheduling today (13 August) with flight movements expected to be affected. Passengers are reminded to pay attention to the latest flight information through the airport’s website and “HKG My Flight” mobile app. Please confirm the flights before heading to the airport. Passengers can also check with their airlines for the latest flight information.

Last updated on: 2019-08-13 06:00:00

Hong Kong (SAR of China): FCO Travel Advice Update

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated the travel advice for Hong Kong (SAR of China) with an update to the Summary – Update on continued protests and flight cancellations at Hong Kong International Airport on 13 August. Passengers should check their flight status with their airline and on the Hong Kong International Airport website. The relevant applicable extract of the advice is below for your reference:


An unannounced protest is planned at Hong Kong Airport on 13 August from 13:00 local time (0600 UK time). There have been some cancellations of flights. The airport authorities advise members of the public not to travel to the airport. Passengers should check their flight status on the Hong Kong International Airport website

You should be prepared that the situation around protests and public gatherings could change quickly, with the potential for significant violence. If you are in and around areas where demonstrations are taking place, you should remain vigilant, follow the advice of local authorities and move away quickly to a safe place if there are signs of disorder.

Some protests may not have received authorisation from the police. Unauthorised protests have become more frequent and widespread, affecting many areas across Hong Kong, including some areas popular with tourists on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon. Compared to authorised protests, unauthorised protests are met by a more rapid and more severe police response. Recent unauthorised protests have attracted heavy use of tear gas, including in built up and residential areas. You should therefore exercise vigilance in the vicinity of unauthorised protests.

Activities related to protests have spilled over into large public spaces, including shopping centres, housing estates and metro (“MTR”) stations, on the margins of recent protest routes. Protests can deviate from planned routes and there is the possibility of injuries among those accidentally caught up in events. Demonstrations may lead to sections of the city being closed off and strikes by public transport workers will significantly disrupt services. In recent protests, bus routes, MTR stations, the Airport Express and the Hong Kong Macao Ferry Terminal have temporarily suspended operations without warning.

The overall level of the advice has not changed, there are no restrictions within the advice.

View the travel advice in full here:

Cathay Pacific Statement

Flight disruptions at Hong Kong International Airport this week

Latest update: 13 Aug 2019 12:45 HKT (GMT+8)

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon were informed by the Airport Authority in Hong Kong that all departing afternoon/evening flights were cancelled on Monday, 12 August and in the morning of Tuesday, 13 August. This is as a result of the public assembly at Hong Kong International Airport, which is ongoing. There is potential for further flight disruptions at short notice.

Customers are therefore encouraged to postpone non-essential travel from Hong Kong on Tuesday 13 August and Wednesday 14 August and should not proceed to the airport unless they have a confirmed booking.

With immediate effect, all charges and fare differences will be waived for certain ticket changes. Please view more details on our Special ticketing guidelines page.

To view our cancelled flights on Monday 12 August, please visit the links below: 

To view our cancelled flights on Tuesday 13 August, please visit the links below: 

All passengers are urged to check Flight Status before proceeding to the airport. To ensure you receive the latest flight status updates via SMS or email, please update contact details in Manage Booking. You can also download our app for iOS or Android and enable our push notifications.

For passengers with confirmed bookings, we suggest arriving 3 to 4 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time, and also to take advantage of our In-town Check-in services, which resumed today.

Please visit our Flight delays and cancellations page, to understand our service recovery during disruptions.

While disruption events like these can change significantly and at short notice, rest assured we are doing everything we can in advance to minimise the impact to our customers.

Customers are advised to carry essential items such as medication, baby formula, nappies etc. and items such as books or game to keep their children occupied in their hand luggage as a precaution. .

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as appropriate.


Hong Kong Airport cancels all remaining flights for today

All flights out of Hong Kong airport have been cancelled for Monday 12th August, after thousands of pro-democracy protesters overwhelmed the terminal.

“Other than departure flights that have completed the check-in process and the arrival flights already heading to Hong Kong, all other flights have been cancelled for the rest of today,” said airport authorities.

People are demonstrating over claims of police brutality, a planned extradition law and a call for more democracy.

BA systems issues affecting check-in and flight departures

British Airways are currently experiencing systems issues, which are affecting check-in and flight departures, resulting in some short-haul cancellations and delays from London airports.

BA regret the travel disruptions being caused to customers. A number of flights continue to operate but travellers are advised to check the latest flight information before going to the airport. BA are also offering customers booked on short-haul services departing from Heathrow, Gatwick and London City today the opportunity to rebook to another day.

Threat of Industrial Action at London Heathrow

BALPA have issued a warning that the pilot union are planning to take industrial action at Heathrow on 26th & 27th July. This may affect passenger journeys.

Talks continue this week between the airport and BALPA with the aim of avoiding strike action, and Heathrow remains committed to finding a solution. In the meantime contingency plans are being put in place to ensure the airport remains open, secure and operating safely.

We recommend that passengers flying on the above dates contact their airlines to confirm the status of their flight.

Possible delays at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol due to restricted runway capacity

The restricted runway capacity at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol may cause delays for KLM flights and can even lead to some cancellations. The delays may cause inconvenience to travellers. KLM deeply regrets this and is doing its utmost to limit any inconvenience this may cause and to ensure that everyone gets to their final destination as quickly as possible.

Weekend road closures to Gatwick – 12th May and 17-19 May

12th May 2019 – Run Gatwick
Roads around the Crawley and Gatwick area will be closed, more information available at

17th – 19th May 2019 M23 Smart Motorway Works
The Westbound Gatwick Spur Road – from Junction 9 of the M23 towards the airport will be closed. Both the Northbound and Southbound exit slip roads at Junction 9 will also be closed.

Traffic will be diverted and journeys to and from the airport will take longer than usual. Customers are advised to plan their journey and leave plenty of additional time.

Cancellation of Jet Airways Flights

With immediate effect Jet Airways has suspended all domestic and international flight operations. The suspension is as a result of failure to obtain interim funding from their lenders and the Airline has been unable to settle payment for fuel or critical services in order to keep the operations going.

Our team are connecting affected passengers in order to make alternative arrangements.

Boeing announce the suspension of its entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft

Boeing announce the suspension of its entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft

We continue to monitor the aviation incident involving an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX passenger aircraft. Yesterday Boeing announced that it has suspended its entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft. We are now liaising with clients imminently due to travel on Boeing 737 MAX Aircrafts, working with the airlines concerned regarding any changes to their flight arrangements. All clients and bookings will be undated accordingly.

A statement from Boeing is pasted below for your reference and can also be accessed here

In Consultation with the FAA, NTSB and its Customers, Boeing Supports Action to Temporarily Ground 737 MAX Operations

Boeing continues to have full confidence in the safety of the 737 MAX.  However, after consultation with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and aviation authorities and its customers around the world, Boeing has determined — out of an abundance of caution and in order to reassure the flying public of the aircraft’s safety — to recommend to the FAA the temporary suspension of operations of the entire global fleet of 371 737 MAX aircraft.   

“On behalf of the entire Boeing team, we extend our deepest sympathies to the families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives in these two tragic accidents,” said Dennis Muilenburg, president, CEO, Chairman of The Boeing Company.

“We are supporting this proactive step out of an abundance of caution. Safety is a core value at Boeing for as long as we have been building airplanes; and it always will be. There is no greater priority for our company and our industry. We are doing everything we can to understand the cause of the accidents in partnership with the investigators, deploy safety enhancements and help ensure this does not happen again.”

Boeing makes this recommendation and supports the decision by the FAA.

If you’re concerned about the affect that any current trending travel alert may have on your travel plans, please contact your Giles Travel account manager or use the contact form below.


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