top tips WAs your Travel Management Partner, our aim is to save you money and time when booking your travel. To help us help you, we have put together a list of top money saving tips:


  • Always try and book your complete travel itinerary at the same time to reduce on transaction fees and assists in availability of lower rates.
  • Strengthen your company’s position by travelling within policy.
  • Understand the restrictions of the ticket fare, especially the change policy, as many restricted fares can now be changed for as little as £30. Combine flexible and restricted fares to meet your requirements.
  • Organise your meetings around your travel rather than vice versa.
  • Are you travelling again in the same month? Discuss with your travel team your travel plans, combining itineraries on one ticket may save money.
  • Valuable savings can be made on Transaction fees and by securing lower fares through booking your travel itinerary online.
  • Early booking may reduce the overall cost of travel.
  • Book off peak rail fares and utilise advance purchase fares, including two 1 ways as they can be cheaper than a return ticket.
  • Make use of Advance Purchase Fares (7- 14 days if possible) – especially for Training Courses or Forums as these generally remain as static dates which are known well in advance.
  • Book Low Cost Carriers if applicable on the same route – change fees are applicable for most fares, so there is less risk of losing full ticket value


For more information on how to save costs when booking travel, contact your Client Relationship Manager.


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