Hotel WChoosing the right hotel is always an important factor for any business traveller, whether it’s for a night stay or a couple of weeks, our dedicated hotel team aim to provide you with the best possible rates and hotels for your comfort. With new accommodation always on the scene, we’ve got two fantastic hotels we want to tell you all about.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, short stay at a good price, Bloc hotels are a new hotel group that has created an innovative formula combining smart and style led accommodation. Bloc hotels are located in Birmingham and soon to be within London Gatwick’s South Terminal which will open in February 2014. Bloc offers chic rooms in prime city centre locations at very good prices, perfect for any business traveller. Special room features include sophisticated climate control systems which ensure rooms are at the optimum temperature and humidity for a peaceful night, ambient lighting, keyless door entry and design ideas based on innovators and designers around the world.

Also new to the hotel industry, Morgan’s Hotel Group is set to launch the first Mondrian Hotel outside of the US. The property will be situated on the South Bank of the Thames and buzzes with a Sunset Strip vibe of the original Hollywood Mondrian. There will be 359 guest rooms and suites, many with river views. Guests can enjoy the riverside bar, rooftop terrace, signature agua spa and walking distance to London nightlife, restaurants and shopping.

Contact our friendly hotel team to find out more about these hotels or to book.


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