Our knowledgeable team here at Giles Travel, in conjunction with Sabre, have put together their latest whitepaper on ‘ The Successful Travel Manager.’  We know the role of a Travel Manager is not an easy task, therefore we have the latest information, advice and expertise for the ambitious and forward-thinking travel management professional.

Travel Managers are facing technological changes, increasing demands to track savings and more pressure to ensure policy compliance. At the same time, they are often operating with insufficient internal resources and are increasingly being recruited without any significant background in travel. But the opportunity to succeed and raise their role in their own organisation from tactical to strategic decision-making is within their grasp, if Travel Managers reach out and harness the skills and services of an outward-looking Travel Management Company – as long as they search out the right sort of.

Take a look at our latest white paper on the ‘The Successful Travel Manager’ to find out more about how to master technology changes, increase savings, handle global travel programmes, what to look for in a TMC and much more!

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