Expert Analysis

Pie charts and bar graphs are all very well, but without the interpretation and analysis behind them it’s all just window dressing.

Powered by Boss, our back-office system, G-FOCUS is our bespoke management information reporting tool, delivering intelligent reporting and accounting systems at the click of a button. The system provides a vast suite of reports giving us and our clients the ability to measure travel patterns, identify potential cost savings and monitor travel policy compliance. All reports are accessed via a secure online login and can be viewed either on screen or downloaded as PDF and Excel files.

With one simple request, G-FOCUS allows you to search for air, car, cruise, hotel and rail reservations for many data needs. Reports can be used to provide information on top O&D, group opportunities, and many other needs.


Standard & Bespoke Reports

Whether managing your travel policy compliance is the goal or adhering to corporate social responsibility legislation, G-FOCUS provides the information you need; at your fingertips, 24/7.

As well as a whole host of standard reports, G-FOCUS can provide totally tailored management information as requested. And coupled with our business analysis and proposals, the power of measurement really does enable perfect management.


  • Travel Summary
  • Invoice Summary
  • GHG Emissions
  • Full Service
  • Service Comparison
  • Global Regions


  • Hotels
  • Savings
  • Routing
  • Tracker by Country
  • Tracker by Name
  • Tracker by Date

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