Traveller safety and security is a huge priority for us and we continue to provide our clients with useful information, travel alerts and all the assistance they need to ensure all travellers are looked after.  Giles Travel, of course, already tick all our travellers via our comprehensive G-SAFE suite of tools. However, this just got even better! This month we introduce you to a new technology which will guarantee the safety and security of your travellers.

Sabre SafePoint is a new travel risk management solution that is integrated into your broader travel program to help more accurately find and communicate with travellers impacted by an emergency event. It automatically monitors travellers’ trips, proactively notifies travellers that may be impacted, and requests that they “check-in” in with their status so that you can easily determine if they need any assistance.

With SafePoint you can:

  • Reduce the response time between an event occurring and hearing back from travellers with best-in-class security alerts that are automatically delivered to impacted travellers via their mobile devices
  • Ensure broad traveller awareness and adoption through integration into our leading travel app, TripCase (click HERE to read more) – ADD LINK
  • Have confidence that you have located and communicated with the right travellers


Why SafePoint?

  • Accurate travel data from any GDS or online booking tool, including out-of-program data
  • Best-in-class alerts automatically delivered to you and impacted travellers
  • Immediate traveller engagement through integration with TripCase
  • Self-service dashboard reduces response time by allowing you to locate and communicate directly with travellers
  • Ensure comprehensive coverage by easily integrating with your existing security and medical response service providers


How Does SafePoint Help Me?

Automated alerts are delivered to travellers via SMS text message as well as email notifying them of the risk, providing advice to keep them safe, and requesting that he or she “check-in” with their status and location – via the click of a button. For those travellers using TripCase, alerts are also provided via a push notification as well as an in-app message in the traveller’s smartphone or smartwatch (both iOS and Android devices are supported).

For you, alerts and traveller status are all easily accessible via a self-service dashboard that is available across desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It provides quick visibility to all of the active alerts that may be impacting your travellers, including the ability to easily drill into a specific alert to get additional information on your impacted travellers’ status, location, contact detail and full itinerary.

Contact us to find out more about Sabre SafePoint.


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