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The safety and security of every traveller has always been of paramount importance to us.  We endeavour to ensure that we keep abreast of global events and notify our clients of incidents or situations that may impact their journey. To help us acheive this, did you know that we use a wide variety of tools and techniques to keep our clients safe… G-SAFE!

Giles Travel have a live news feed directly from the Sky News Office, as well as dedicated communication links to all major airlines throughout the world… so we’re always the first to know. Via our G-NEWS publisher tool, we keep our clients up to date with regular email alerts of developments as they happen.

We actively encourage all our travellers to download and use the indispensible TripCase, a mobile itinerary application, which affords both travellers and travel arrangers continuous ‘live’ access to their travel details and will receive notifications from the airlines alerting them to things such as terminal or gate changes as well as advising of flight delays or cancellations.

All our clients can have access to our G-SAFE tracking tool.  This web-based application provides robust traveller tracking that works globally and is linked to our central reservations system. Through the use of flexible search criteria and a point and click map, Giles Travel consultants are able to locate travellers in moments.  The system also includes a risk assessment section on the site, highlighting any potential trouble spots based on political unrest, health risks or terrorism, presented via dynamic maps. With this tool clients can easily locate their travellers and respond quickly in the event of an emergency or travel disruption. Query near real-time reservation data online to manage suppliers, monitor policy compliance, and more.

The interactive, easy-to-use web application is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Upon log in, a map of where our travellers are located appears. Clients can drill down to traveller counts by specific locale and request a summary or detailed report. You can also even receive alerts when the number of travellers or executives exceeds your corporate flight threshold policy.

With one simple request, G-SAFE allows simple search of air, car, hotel and rail reservations for many data needs. Pre-trip and three years of historical data are available. Reports can be used to provide information on top O&D, group opportunities, and many other needs. Reports can be generated by Giles Travel to arrive in a specified email box detailing projected traveller movements for current and future travel dates. This can be forwarded as frequently as required – assisting travel bookers with authorization processes, and traveller tracking.

But we don’t stop there!

All our Travel Consultants have access to an in-house designed and built live flight departure board which cross references flight information with FlightStats™ so within our office we have a dynamically updating view of all of our travellers’ minute by minute flight activities, combined with data from the most advanced flight information data source currently commercially available in the world.

We use this aggregated information in order to better pre-empt any service requirements needed by our travellers before they are required. The system automatically sends notifications to our operations managers and team leaders when flight delays exceed a set time limit, flights are cancelled or in the situation where a delay will cause disruption to connecting flights.

This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive to our traveller requirements within our office environment. This system also acts as a quick reference tool for us to be able to see which of our travellers, if any, are effected by specific airport or airline incidents.

So, as you embark on your next business trip, rest easy in the knowledge that we’re here to keep you safe… G-SAFE.

Click download to view our G-SAFE factsheet.

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