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Giles Travel are proud to be the UK Member of GlobalStar Travel Management, a worldwide travel management company owned and managed by local entrepreneurs. Over 85 market leading enterprises, representing over US$14 billion in sales, combine their local expertise, strength and commitment with our global organisation to deliver cohesive, multinational solutions through an innovative technology platform.

In a complex world of business travel management, corporations need a partner with a keen understanding of today’s rapidly evolving world marketplace. With GlobalStar, customers are partnering with an agile and experienced travel management company that can create solutions to fit individual needs. GlobalStar delivers service of the highest quality in a multinational environment. We make sure that travelers arrive at their destinations comfortably, securely and with as little stress as is humanly possible.


For more information please visit the GlobalStar Travel Management website.

By pulling together the very best technology with buying power and placing this in the hands of highly skilled, well trained and motivated staff we offer our customers the confidence and trust they seek in their travel management company. Your business is important to us and you may be assured that our people and our resources will be fully committed to adding value to your travel management program.

Guaranteed Year on Year Savings


By partnering with Giles Travel and GlobalStar, your organisation will benefit from:


  • High quality “high value” service: we understand that one of the most important factors in the success of any travel programme is achieving the buy-in and approval of your travellers. By providing a consistent high quality service with professional training and support for all online and offline features we ensure your travellers are happy with the services we provide.
  • Regionally “best in market” travel services within a global management framework: we engage with clients at a regional and global level to optimise our travel service provision and meet our clients’ needs.
  • A “continuous service improvement” ethos. We continually monitor performance (via agreed service KPI’s) and develop and implement enhanced processes and policies to meet changing client requirements, improve performance and guarantee to reduce costs year on year.

Exceptional Service, Unrivalled Quality

Delivering remarkable, measurable savings is what we do. How we do it is by caring for you and your travellers and by driving real innovation into your organisation. Wrap this around award winning account management, duty of care, operational planning, business analysis and policy strategy then our value as a true travel partner to you becomes clear.


Typical Client ROI


Typical Fare Savings

Online Booking Solutions

Online Development Manager, Darren Spicer, will happily take you through a demo of our Online Booking Solutions, and following this we’ll add demo login credentials here so you can try in your own time.


Traveller Safety, out-of-hours24/7

Your travellers travel around the clock, which is why we offer a 24/7 round the clock emergency service outside of our normal office hours.

Find out more about our approach to traveller safety >


Don’t travel without Tripcase

Available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, TripCase website is an indispensable application which can manage your entire travel itinerary. This fantastic cross-platform application will change the way you travel. Find out how to get started and make the most of it with the Tripcase Tutorials



spencer-portalOnline Travel Portal

Giles Travel’s comprehensive travel portal will provide access to all traveller profile information, online booking tools and much more. All at the click of a mouse, or tap of a touchscreen.


Measurable Results

Delight Guaranteed

We have recently completed a comprehensive Client Insight Programme, in which we asked our clients to complete an online questionnaire. With separate questions for Travellers, Bookers and Decision Makers, we were thrilled with the feedback. It’s always easy for us to wax lyrical about the fantastic service we feel we deliver to our clients and the value we bring to their businesses, but don’t take our word for it. See how many clients would recommend us to others:

  • Decision Makers 100% 100%
  • Travel Bookers 96% 96%
  • Travellers 94% 94%
  • Customer Happiness 98% 98%

Get In Touch

I hope you found this brief introduction to our global travel management solutions of interest. Of course, this is just an overview; to get a lot more detail on how Giles Travel • GlobalStar can inspire your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At Giles Travel • GlobalStar we recognise that we’re not just there to secure the best fares, the most innovative itineraries, the slickest online tools or the most experienced consultants. We’re there as an extension of our clients’ own organisations – their out of house travel department. We achieve this because of the depths we go to in understanding our clients, their culture, their brand values and business objectives. Only then can we deliver on a higher level with our trademark emphasis on the personal touch. Only then can we really get to work on delivering remarkable savings on policy, time and cost.

Thank you,

Richard Priestley | Sales Director

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