Is your company enjoying corporate rewards when booking business travel?

Many business travellers are familiar with frequent flyer programmes offered by airlines that give them points every time they fly, but lots of airlines also offer Corporate Reward Schemes for companies that travel on business too. If your employees travel for business, it’s highly likely your company will also benefit from one of the schemes available.

Completely free to join, corporate reward schemes give your business reward points for the flights you book that are redeemable against future air tickets and/or upgrades, or in some cases other travel products such as hotels, lounge access or car rental.

Airline loyalty schemes have been around a long time, are often very straightforward to get set up and offer the opportunity to accrue air-miles-based points and a range of travel benefits. Many airlines also offer corporate programmes that can be used in conjunction with individual airline schemes. But there are a lot of them, each with their own rules and perks, and some cover multiple airlines.

Giles Travel has the inside track on the loyalty programmes that are available. We’ll help get you set up with the right schemes for the airlines you use most frequently, so you can start earning individual and company-wide rewards. We’ve made it simple to understand how to claim reward points, how to redeem theme and what kind of value you can expect.

To get started, click HERE to check out the facts about five top corporate airline loyalty schemes to give you a taste of what’s on offer.


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