In this edition of the G-News, we’re delighted to introduce you to the fabulous Aviator Hotel.

Aviator was created by TAG Group as a hotel for elite travellers moving between London and the world’s leading destinations. Located near in Hampshire, Aviator opened as one of the most striking design hotels in recent times. Rooms available include the Aviator Room, the Aviator Studio and the Sky Suite.

The bedroom interiors are contemporary yet comfortable and rooms offer a walk in wardrobe, spacious lounge and a guest only stairwell to access the fitness studio. Rooms also provide complimentary movies, a music library and Wi-Fi for all guests.  Business travellers can enjoy the Brasserie, which offers a fantastic dining experience, and a Sky Bar which provides a variety of superb cocktails in a secluded area. The bar overlooks awesome views of the airport and combines with the Atrium to create a venue that promises to leave a lasting impression.

In the summer, the property has a private terrace for lounge areas or dining, where guests can enjoy cocktails on the terrace or a range of Mediterranean inspired dishes.

We believe The Aviator Hotel offers a compelling alternative to London city based accommodation and an interesting venue for MICE experiences. For more information or to book, contact our knowledgeable hotel team.


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